NYC Pride 2022 - Pride Island

NYC Pride Official Events 2022

NYC Pride Events 2022
Date: June 2022
Venue: New York City
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A round-up of the official NYC Pride events happening around the city this June, including the big march day on June 26, and more!

June 15, 5pm – Family Movie Night

Venue: TBC

A great movie night for all the family, to celebrate NYC Pride! Venue and film to be announced!

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June 17, 7pm – Pride Presents

Venue: Spring Studios

This event promises to be a unique cinematic event, to celebrate the breadth of LGBTQIA+ film during NYC Pride.

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June 19, 12 noon – The Brunch

Venue: 74Wythe

This fabulous LGBTQ+ Brunch will be a culinary experience including a curation of Juneteenth food stories, all from Black LGBTQIA+ chefs

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June 23, 9am – The Conference

Venue: New York Law School

NYC Pride’s annual symposium of transformative changemakers in the queer community, including keynotes, interviews and on-stage panels.

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June 24, 4pm – The Rally

Venue: The Battery Park

The NYC Pride event that rallies our LGBTQIA+ community together, all to advocate change

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June 25, 1pm – Youth Pride

Venue: Rumsey Playfield in Central Park

A joyous celebration of LGBTQIA+ teens and their allies. The event is free, but RSVP is required via

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June 25, 2pm – Pride Island

Venue: Governors Island

Hotter than ever, Pride Island returns on both Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26 to Governors Island

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June 25, 2pm – Teaze

Venue: 3 Dollar Bill

NYC Pride’s Annual celebration of Queer Existence, teazing New York’s most diverse party experiences

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June 25, 2pm – Fantasy Days

Venue: Harbour Rooftop

NYC Pride’s Annual Circuit Party. Not. To. Be. Missed.

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June 26, 11am

Venue: Greenwich Village

The ultimate street fair is back as PrideFest lays out its stalls for this annual Greenwich Village treat

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June 26, 12 noon – NYC Pride March

Venue: New York City

NYC Pride’s main event – the annual pride march through New York. Check out times, route and guest stars here.

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June 26, 2pm – Bliss Days

Venue: Harbor Rooftop

NYC Pride’s celebration of LGBTQIA+ Womxn, formerly known as Femme Fatale

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June 26, 2pm – Pride Island

Venue: Governors Island

Pride Island returns on both Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26

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