About Us

Welcome to Visit Gay New York – the leading guide for LGBTQ+ visitors.

New York is one of the most tolerant and friendly places in the world, with same-sex marriage now legal and our city one of the most vibrant, dynamic, diverse and fun places on the planet.

Visit Gay New York brings some of that diversity and fun to visitors planning their New York trip, providing a wealth of information and inspiration to ensure that your visit goes with a bang!

We hope you have a fabulous time in New York.

Queer Friendly

At Visit Gay New York we work on the basis that “Queer Friendly” is the standard in this City and the very least that an LGBTQ+ visitor can expect.

If you are in any doubt or would like to make sure that the business or organisation you are visiting is suitable for you, please contact them directly before booking or visiting.

What we believe

Whilst we are called Visit Gay New York, the meaning of the “Gay” bit of our name has evolved pretty rapidly since we first set up our original site, Visit Gay London, in 2017.

We strongly believe that everybody should be accepted, with or without labels. Queerness is as much about liberating ourselves from identity labels, and not feeling stifled and restricted by them, as it is embracing them, feeling safer by them, and finding joy in them.

No one owes us a label, or deserves any insight into our queer identities… you shouldn’t have to tick a queer box before your queerness is validated!

But also there is a joy in finding your tribe, working out that label, and hopefully wearing it with pride.

New York’s queer places are extraordinary. Places where queer people of all ages come together, to argue this all out! This website hopes to celebrate just that.

Who we are

VisitGayNewYork.com is queer owned and operated. We also publish the leading website for queer visitors to London in the UK – VisitGay.London, and popular website for London’s West End Theatres, westendtheatre.com. Our new website VisitGayAustralia.com is launching soon.

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